Scrap Boilies – how does this work?

1.) You tell us how many kilos old Boilies (quality and condition are not important, as they are disposed of afterwards) you possess and how many kilos of new Carptrack Boilies you want to order (at least the same amount).
2.) We subtract 3,50 € per kilo old Boilies and inform you about the final amount.
3.) Then you transfer the amount and we send you the new Boilies and pick up more or less at the same time the old ones via GLS at your home. They should be packed in a solid carton.

No suitable carton at hand?
Delivery and pickup can not be associated by the GLS assignment, but if it helps you, we can pick up the Scrap Boilies later, if you want to use the carton of the delivery.

Attention: This is not valuable at special offers or greatly reduced products.