Scrappage bonus for boats

Up to 15% discount when buying a new iBoat!

We pick up your old inflatable boat no matter if with or without mice infestation!

You know this problems:
– The rude awakening after the winter time.  
Holes in your inflatable boat!

The gnawers have done a good job, the boat can not be saved anymore….


– Your boat is too small, is hard to row, does not have the features you would like to, is not at all, what you actually wish to use…

…then it is high time for a new acquisition!

You have interest in an iBoat of the newest generation?
All iBoats were developped by max nollert and his team and perfectly aligned to the needs of modern carp fishers. iBoats are extremely sturdy and equipped with plenty of accessories.

Imperial Fishing scraps!
We want to help you to make your dream of a boat come true and pick up your old boat at our costs at your home. Then we accord you up to 15% discount* when acquire a new iBoat.

Step by step scrapping instruction
1. Make contact via e-Mail or telephone ( / +49 6541 818500)
Please inform us what kind of boat you want to scrap  (size, producer) and which new iBoat you would like to buy.
2. Pack your old boat p.r.n. in 2 cartons (total weight of 1 carton should not exceed 40 kg)
3. Payment of the final price following the contract note. 
4. Immediatly after the payment reciept we will make an arrangement concerning the date of the collection.
4. As soon as the old boat has arrived here, your new iBoat is sent.

*15% discount at an exchange of iBoat against iBoat
10% discount at an exchange of an iBoat against a boat of another label
ATTENTION: The discount bears on the SRP (Special offers are excluded!)

Another thing!
By the acquisition of a new iBoat you automatically benefit of the 20% scrappage bonus- and this at each point in time!
This means, whenever you are confrontated to mice infestation or have any other reason to buy a brand new iBoat, you save 15%!

To all iBoat owners
Whenever you have bought your original iBoat, you can make use of this offer at any time.

Boat sizes between 1,60 – 4 m are accepted
No swimmer or leisure boats, exept fisher boats, are accepted!